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I feel absolutely worthless and hopeless at the moment.

I want to quit recovery and I can’t.


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Feeling incredibly triggered but not being able to use behaviors



This is the story of my life right now.
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If I Stay- Gayle Forman

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For the love of Nancy (heh), can somebody please tell me why I am in tears over any little thing tonight? I expected this *last* fall, when I was fresh out of treatment, all doe-eyed and panicked that any little misstep could be the end of my recovery and thus, the end of my graduate school experience.

But I am solidly in recovery for a year now. I have a full year of graduate classes under my belt, with a 4.0 to boot. I have professors insisting that I apply to doctoral programs.

And yet, on the eve of classes, I am crying over finances and clothes and friends and racism.

I don’t know how I’m going to keep it all together tomorrow.

(And no, I don’t get my period for another three weeks.)

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An Experiment

Will all my evening meds be enough to knock me out in the face of 10 oz of diet soda and stress bordering on panic?

Or will I stay up another three hours being unproductive, then finally fall asleep for three hours and then get up to be utterly unproductive for the first day of class?

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One day, I’ll get to do this again. 

Just another reason to recover.

One day, I’ll get to do this again.

Just another reason to recover.

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What relapse looks like



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That’s legit.

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I went for regular wheat thins. Well, okay - the lower salt kind. But that’s legitimate, given that I don’t particularly like added salt on things.

Basically - eff it. I like fat. So sue me.

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My friend who is coming to visit suggested cheese and crackers for a snack idea. Unfortunately, crackers still sort of scare me.

So I really want to get the reduced fat wheat thins.

But I’m supposed to be this freaking recovery guru. And I don’t want my friend (also in recovery, but struggling with being overweight due to some physical mobility issues) to think I think she’s fat or something.


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Tasting a nasty supplement



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Two words: Strawberry. Boost.
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You’re never weak for eating. Remind yourself of it often.

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Urge Surfing in Eating Disorder Recovery

Just ride the waves, y’all. The feelings will pass.

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I’ve been wanting to begin a daily writing practice, as suggested by Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down The Bones. I did it for like, two days.

It doesn’t even need to be a long thing, just ten minutes of stream of consciousness writing - but I always find a reason to not do it. (Exhibit A - writing this post.) The hardest part of this particular writing practice is that I have to stay fully present and just write as I think, without editing or censoring or pausing to gather my words. I write, but I edit heavily.

I imagined this morning a time in the future when sitting down to write during a few free moments is habit. I then thought of how ridiculous that is, for such an awkward thing - a thing I will have to force myself to do - to become ingrained and habitual.

But it IS possible. That’s what recovery has been. Three meals, three snacks. Like clockwork. In the beginning, it was excruciating and miserable and I wanted to quit more times than not. But I kept going.

Have there been bumps in the road, days where things get shaky and I have to again force food into my mouth? Sure.

But overall, recovery has just become a habit - something I do without thinking about it.

When I left treatment a year ago, I would have never thought this possible.

But it is.

And it is wonderful.