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There are tattoos there now, but to hide the scars. It boggles my mind that people have wrists without scars.

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I taught my therapist a new word today.

So, there’s that.

Her: You seem to have a really difficult time putting into words what you’re thinking and feeling.
Me: Yes. I score off the charts on the Toronto Alexithymia Scale.
Her: The WHAT? Alexithymia?
Me: “Without words for feelings.”

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Just a little Waka Waka to chill my mind before bed.

Thanks, Shakira.

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These are not
battle scars.
These are not
proof of survival.
My riddled body is
so poetic.
The fact that they
proves I was
very sad and very sick.
The fact that they
are scar tissued
proves I am
This was never supposed to be
There is
in pain.

Michelle K., Truth About Scars. (via michellekpoems)


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For megannnnnn

I had no idea how much I needed this today.
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I feel absolutely worthless and hopeless at the moment.

I want to quit recovery and I can’t.


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Feeling incredibly triggered but not being able to use behaviors



This is the story of my life right now.
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If I Stay- Gayle Forman

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For the love of Nancy (heh), can somebody please tell me why I am in tears over any little thing tonight? I expected this *last* fall, when I was fresh out of treatment, all doe-eyed and panicked that any little misstep could be the end of my recovery and thus, the end of my graduate school experience.

But I am solidly in recovery for a year now. I have a full year of graduate classes under my belt, with a 4.0 to boot. I have professors insisting that I apply to doctoral programs.

And yet, on the eve of classes, I am crying over finances and clothes and friends and racism.

I don’t know how I’m going to keep it all together tomorrow.

(And no, I don’t get my period for another three weeks.)

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An Experiment

Will all my evening meds be enough to knock me out in the face of 10 oz of diet soda and stress bordering on panic?

Or will I stay up another three hours being unproductive, then finally fall asleep for three hours and then get up to be utterly unproductive for the first day of class?

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One day, I’ll get to do this again. 

Just another reason to recover.

One day, I’ll get to do this again.

Just another reason to recover.

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What relapse looks like



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That’s legit.

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I went for regular wheat thins. Well, okay - the lower salt kind. But that’s legitimate, given that I don’t particularly like added salt on things.

Basically - eff it. I like fat. So sue me.